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We design. We develop. We deliver.


Consulting & Strategy

We offer a new perspective on your company's vision and process. We work to transform your business and accelerate your growth throught our customer-centric innovation and data-driven 

Innovation Consulting

Product Market Fit

System Audit

Product Roadmap

MVP Definition



We work tirelessly to understand your company needs and we align our design process and approach with your vision to deliver the best product design.

UX/UI Design


User Testing

3D Design

Product & Performance Analytics  



We build stable, scalable, and high-performance technology solutions. Our products will help to innovate your industry and take your business to the next level.

Web Development (Angular/React)

Mobile Development (iOS/Android)

Backend Development (Node.js/PHP/RoR)

Integrations (CRM/ERP etc.)

Augmented & Virtual Reality Apps

Desktop Apps



Quality Assurance

We deliver consistent results and follow the highest standards of software quality. We control the whole software development life cycle and quarantee end-to-end quality assessment.

User Acceptance Testing

Penetration Testing

Functional Testing

Performance Testing

Accessibility Testing


Data Science

We analyze data and build predictive analytics models to be able to foresee the implementation of the plan. Our work is powered by high-performance databases and AI solutions.

ETL Pipelines

Business Intelligence Analytics

Predictive Maintenance


Computer Vision


Run & Maintenance

We will provide you with a long-term technology partnership. We will develop, run and support technology solutions that allow our business to grow.

Cloud infrastructure (Touch4IT Cloud Solutions & AWS)

SLA Support

High Availability of Services

Innovations in Industries

We use the power of our skills & knowledge in many industries to build  innovative solutions for your enterprise.

Products and integrations

Our products

Our innovative digital products are always focused on the clients' needs. They are based on our unique ways of thinking and our experience.

Integrations for various systems

Setting up integrations for various systems is everyday work for us. Due to that, we can make your company’s processes more efficient, broad, and automatized.

Working with the most advanced technologies

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Augmented & virtual reality
AI & machine learning
Internet of things
Data science
Computer vision
Cloud computing

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